Church Online…You Are Invited!

Wherever you find yourself in life, even in these challenging times of Covid-19,  we want you to know there is a place you can depend on for receiving inspiration, encouragement, and support during good times and challenges – the Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Are we perfect? Definitely we are not!  We are just a group of ordinary people committed to following an extraordinary Jesus, even during life’s storms. That means we worship Him with Vigor and Joy. That means we encourage Prayer in church and throughout life; and we demonstrate our Love to people outside and inside the church through Generosity, Invitation, Fellowship and Compassion; even in challenging times like this.
We want you to experience that joy. The eternal Joy that comes from knowing Jesus and experiencing His love, regardless of life’s challenges.  The building is closed but we are still open to worship. Join us online for our Church Online this Sabbath (Saturday) at 9:30 am! 
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Join us online, Saturdays at 11:30 AM for Church Online at

2 Responses to “Church Online…You Are Invited!”

  1. Charmaine Maragh says:

    Thank the Lord we can fellowship online through this sad times. There is many family who is suffering through lonlyness and sickness . Let’s remember those who are sick , those who are on the front line helping the sick. God is still in control and we will keep our faith strong in Him. So that when He comes back we will be with Him forever. Please pray for my daughter’s in-law who husband been tested positive of the Coronavirus for over a week and pass away yesterday , he was a young man in his 30’s please remember this young man’s wife Amelia and son and his family.
    In this time Jesus is our [only saviour.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Thank you Bro Barry!

    Stay well!


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